Thursday, March 22, 2012

Evaluation Question 3 - What Type Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?

What Type Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?


BarnCasarn are a virtually no budget film company, and compared to big film distributors such as Walt Disney or 20th Century Fox, BarnCasarn thought that we would be distributed through an indie company.
Our film, Tiny Terror is very low budget and does not have professional actors, high quality props, or a 100% ideal location, so no large or famous distributor would be interested in Tiny Terror for various reasons, but mainly because they would not make a profit from the film.

However, indie companies would be more suited to Tiny Terror as they have a specific target audience and, seeing as the films have low budgets, it is easier for them to make a larger profit.
After doing some research on low budget films, I found the director Shane Meadows, who directed films such as such as Dead Mans Shoes (2004) which had a budget of £723,000 and was distributed by optimum releasing, an indie film company. The film went to box office, avoiding "straight-to-DVD" and got a 7.7 imdb rating. We felt like this film was a good example of Tiny Terror, in that it is a very low budget slasher, and a british film, which was distributed by an indie film company. Our second film that we found that fits around the same criteria as Tiny Terror, is This Is England (2006) which had a budget of £1.5M Also directed by Shane Meadows and distributed by optimum releasing. The film has a 7.8 IMDB rating.

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